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Dog Hoodie - "BRUH"
Jaisy D.L.C.

Dog Hoodie - "BRUH"

New Collar

Recently received the camo/orange collar and leash set. Very well made and sturdy material. Easy to adjust and love the orange for nice pop of color. Crazy fast shipping and we love supporting small businesses! If you are on the fence, just order it..you won’t be disappointed!

Hoodie obsessed

Received the Santa paws hoodies for Luca and Sophia..these are beyond adorable! So soft and cozy..very well made high quality material. NOT thin and cheap. True to size according to their measurements. Great company with fast shipping! Love them!

Obsessed with their dog hoodies!

We got their "Shake Your Boo Thang" dog hoodie and it is super cute. We got the 2XL for my medium sized dog (47 lbs). It fits great and has some stretch to it so he can jump around in it easily. The material is also really nice quality!

Awesome hoodie

We love this hoodie for our Luca! So soft and cozy and fit is perfect. Crazy fast shipping too..as always, excellent customer service. Just ordered two more!

Best Harnesses!!!

Have dachshunds and it is always difficult to find apparel for them, but these are amazing! Our favorite harnesses by far, and the matching leashes are the cherry on top!

Stylish leash

Love it and feels so secure on my dog.


The perfect fit for my English Bulldogs! However, if my chubby girlgains another inch we will need you to make XXL…lol

Bandana Boujee adjustable harness

Bandana Bougee is a absolute must have! Couple of changes from our street graffiti harness and I'm in awe because I didn't think it could get better. Love the triangle at the back lays extremely nice. Love the wider strap around the waist because I do have a backer upper! Seriously this harness fits my boy like a glove!!! These are perfect if you have that narrow deep chested baby such as my own. Being American Foxhound it was just hard to find a harness that fit right everywhere but I was determined and I succeeded. No other harness for us except wag trendz now!!

Great Collar Excellent Quality

I knew as soon as this collection launched I had to get it for my new puppy. The quality is just as amazing as the harness that I bought for my Shepard mix and the pink collar looks amazing. Also am very impressed with the customer service and how fast I always get my orders. Once my puppy is full grown I’m getting the harness to match

Adjustable harness- graffiti size medium

After buying tons of harnesses and never being satisfied I'm beyond happy to say we love this harness. Perfect fit he can't back out, plenty of neck room. Not to mention all the comments he gets on 'how cool' he looks. Will definitely be buying another soon!!!

It's adjustable AND looks cool? YES!

This leash is well made and looks great with the matching no-pull harness & poop bag holder! We LOVE that it can adjust on the go but still hold strong at whatever length we set it at.

Great bag holder + super fashionable

This poop bag holder looks great with the matching no-pull harness! It is perfect for having bags on the go and looking super cool too.

Great quality, design & totally fashionable

This harness is so beautifully made, with great functionality and a super fashionable design. Ollie looks so good in it. We love how easy it is to get on/off, the options for where we hook up his leash, and the cool design.

He likes it!

And me too! Frankie stands at the ready when I grab the harness. Over his head, under his belly, close two side latches and we are off. No stepping through it required.

This harness is a game changer!

First of all, it’s very stylish and my pup looks so handsome in it. Secondly, I love how easy it is to put on, and especially love the lock on the neck strap. It has multiple options to attach the leash, and we definitely utilize both depending on where we’re going. I love the traffic handle as well. And it’s really reflective!! Last night on our walk a car turned down our block and my dog’s harness was basically shining! Really cool safety feature. Really happy with our purchase, and so far no rubbing by his armpits!!

The softest & best hoodie for dogs!!!

This hoodie is SO soft! My dog instantly relaxes when I put it on him, and he looks so handsome. Definitely perfect for the spoiled pup in your life!

This leash is a MUST - Read Why Below

So, this leash has been so helpful for all our outings. It adjusts from 3ft to 6ft in a matter of seconds with one slide adjustment. It’s seriously the best because my dog is 77 pounds and I prefer 6 ft. leashes. However, at events, restaurants, farmers markets and places like that I prefer him on a 3-4ft leash. I used to always have 2 leashes on me and now I just have this one and it’s so helpful and honestly genius.

So handy to have and clips onto leash

This bag is so handy to haven’t and clips right onto the leash which is fabulous! I love all the prints it comes in.

Great for Big Dogs

This harness is hands down my favorite that we’ve tried. The fabric is high quality and very breathable. My favorite part of the harness is the handle on the back. It comes in handy on so many occasions while we are out and about. I also love that the neck strap has a locking feature. Seems silly but it’s great piece of mind knowing that my 77 pound dog is locked in to the harness and can’t get out. Also, I don’t know how I didn’t mention this yet but your dog does t have to step into this harness! Hallelujah! It buckles at 3 points so no need to step in or for over the head. Seriously, a game changer!

For reference- my dog is 77 pounds with a 20” neck and the XL fits best

Fashionable and Secure

My dog hasn't had a harness in years, but since she tends to pull on our walks, I wanted to get her a new one. The ladies were so nice and even took the time and care to measure my dog to make sure we got the right size. She is a pitbull bread that is short and has a wider torso, so this was key in finding her right size. Thank you!

Looks Adorable

The harness is well made and it looks amazing on my dog

Love the leash. Just waiting for the reflective leashes to arrive. :-)

Convenient and easy to use

Love this water bottle for my pups! Press the button and water comes out. Also has a lock button to prevent spillage. Compact and simple to store as well as durable. Highly recommend!

Dog Water Bottle

We bought the small dog water bottle for our little chihuahua and love it! We take it every where we go with him. We love that it has the feature to automatically drain the water back in the bottle, so no mess! 10/10 highly recommend!