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Shih-Tzu named Asja sitting with her favorite orange tennis ball - against solid white background - Wag Trendz

Asja (8) is a Shih Tzu mix who loves to model and wear clothes.  She loves playing fetch and always ready to give you lots of sugars...anytime!

Her looks are deceiving as she is not a princess instead she would rather be filthy and romping through the woods like a wild animal.

French Bulldog Puppy named Harlow with her favorite monkey toy against solid white background - Wag Trendz

Harlow (1) is an affectionate French Bulldog, who adores playing with toys, meeting new people, and snuggling.

She happily barks for attention and enjoys playtime with her two Frenchie sisters. Sunbathing and munching on sticks are among her other delightful quirks.

Chihuahua named Lexie standing with favorite squirrel stuffy beside her on a fluffy white rug and white background - Wag Trendz

Lexie (16) is a Chihuahua who loves to sleep and eat.  She plays with her stuffie when the Frenchies are not trying to steal it from her.

She may be small (4lbs) but she can hold her own and quiet bossy.  Her favorite place in the house is in her parents bed.

French Bulldog sitting on fluffy white rug with favorite ring toy - Wag Trendz

Meeko (6) is a French Bulldog who loves to play ball, tug-o-war, snuggle and play in the water. 

Meeko’s favorite thing to do besides snuggle is go camping and explore the outdoors where she can chase lizards and shadows all day long.

Cream and White French Bulldog named Moxie sits on fluffy white rug with her favorite tennis ball by her side - Wag Trendz

Moxie (5) is a French Bulldog who loves to play with her tennis balls.  She is a character and loves to make us laugh & smile everyday. 

When you get home or visit Moxie's house she always grabs a toy so she can show you what she has.  You can only touch!


The Wag Trendz® Origin Story:

Fashion Meets Function in Urban Dog Gear


In the vibrant streets of Austin, Texas, a revolutionary idea took shape when two visionary sister-in-laws, both passionate about dogs and dismayed by the lackluster options available, saw a significant gap in the pet fashion industry. Thus, Wag Trendz® was born — a game-changing brand that promised to infuse edgy street fashion with robust functionality, redefining pet gear with both style and substance. 

Tired of the excessively cute and ordinary pet styles that flooded the market, the co-founders embarked on a bold mission to transform pet fashion. They envisioned a line of dog gear that wasn’t just visually appealing but also prioritized the safety and comfort of every pooch, from the sprightly puppy to the dignified senior dog. 

The early days of Wag Trendz® were fueled by direct engagement with their audience. The co-founders hit the road, spending the first two years attending dog-related events and pop-ups across various states. These interactions weren’t just transactional; they were an opportunity to learn firsthand how their products fit different types of dogs, both large and small. This invaluable feedback loop allowed them to see the practical aspects of their designs in real-time, directly from the pets and people who used them daily. 

This period of extensive field research proved critical. The founders adjusted harnesses, reimagined leashes, and reworked accessories based on real customer feedback and the nuanced needs of diverse breeds. They tirelessly refined their designs to enhance fit, safety, and functionality, ensuring that each piece of gear was not only stylish but supremely comfortable and safe for all dogs. 

Today, Wag Trendz® stands as a testament to the power of innovative thought and community feedback. Their product line boasts top-notch harnesses, collars, trendy leashes, and cozy hoodies, all designed to make sure your four-legged friend is the most fashionable pooch on the block. Each item is a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality, crafted with a sharp attention to detail and a fervor for the latest trends.  

As Wag Trendz® continues to grow, they remain committed to the ethos that started it all: creating exceptional dog gear that meets the needs of pet parents and enhances the lives of their beloved companions. Whether you’re looking for a stylish new collar or a functional harness that keeps up with your adventures, look no further than Wag Trendz®. Elevate your pet's style and comfort with gear that's as functional as it is fashionable. Your cherished pup will indeed love you for it! 

From the Co-Founder

Hi, I’m Michelle, one of the co-founders of Wag Trendz®. My background includes an MBA in Business Analytics from the University of Tennessee and an undergraduate degree in Accounting. I have over 28 years of experience in business related endeavors.

I reside in Austin, TX with my husband Matt, and our daughter and son. We have four fur babies Meeko, Moxie & Harlow (French Bulldogs) and Lexie (Chihuahua) who brighten our days, make us laugh, and make our family whole!

Becoming an entrepreneur was never in my wheelhouse however the thought of marrying what I LOVE (dogs of course) with what I know (business) sounded amazing! 

So here we are on this journey, loving every minute of it. The dog community is awesome and creating a lifestyle brand for dogs is what I was meant to do!

When not working on Wag Trendz®, as a family, we enjoy camping, overlanding, hiking, swimming, biking, and all other outdoor family adventures.

Co-Founder Michelle Head Shot in black & white against white rock wall - Wag Trendz
Co-Founder Sarah Head Shot in black & white against white rock wall - Wag Trendz

From The Co-Founder

Hi! I’m Sarah, one of the co-founders of Wag Trendz®! My background includes a Bachelor of Science from East Tennessee State University and working more than 12 years in a veterinarian practice.

Since then, my husband and I have owned and operated a successful martial arts school here in Austin, TX for the past 10+ years. We enjoy cultivating a positive and supportive environment that encourages students to reach their goals.

Wag Trendz® has allowed me to be a part of a community that loves dogs as much as I do and to tap into my creative side. As the lead designer at Wag Trendz® I love creating a lifestyle brand that helps connect dogs with their humans. When you feel good, you do more and doing it together is the best!

When not working, my husband, my two boys, and myself enjoy our family time. We like to watch movies, ride dirt bikes, and go on epic camping trips. Wherever we go, our dog Asja is with us. She is the sunshine in our lives and having her with us makes each life experience better.